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The Golden Tiger and More

Hey guys. I trust you are all doing well. Unfortunately, we have dived head-first into 2023, and I am currently working on book two of the Martin Saga. It's coming along smoothly, and I am making progress, so I am happy. Writing books takes a lot of background work, even if it is fiction, and I am busting my balls to reach even greater and crazy heights in this new venture. The book has gotten the working title, The Golden Tiger, and I suspect it will be the final title too. I don't know about you guys, but trying to keep up with the pace, aggression, wars, and AI development. Robot tech and much more is heavy work. But as a writer and a father, I must do so. Soon my daughter will be a young girl, and she will run rings around me tec-wise if I don't keep up.

A lot of fathers probably feel that way.

I am happy to see the number of emails I have received about different topics ranging from music and books to living abroad, and I will do my best to cover some of the inquiries in this blog post. First of all, music!

I recorded some solid stuff before I moved to Brazil, and it is kept safe on a hard drive in Oslo. Eventually, I will dive into it and release some of it. I have also crafted new songs over the last three years and am improving my singing and music skills. However, I will not be playing any concerts in the immediate future because my daughter Olivia is still too small and proves to be a handful of work. That means I can not just go away on a concert tour or do regular gigging when I feel like it. I might make online music, but this is not my immediate focus. So instead, I am shifting the topic to The Feeder. I am super stoked to see that my book sells in the US, UK, Poland, Germany, China, Japan, Sweden, and other countries I don't even remember. How cool is that? About translating the book to Norwegian, forget it—just a waste of time and money. Please get back to me when I have sold a million books. You can easily read the book for free in Kindle Unlimited, and if you want a paperback, order it. It is available in just about any bookstore in the world.

About E-commerce. I operate mainly in Shopify, currently managing two webshops. I have been doing this for the last three years successfully. I will answer general questions about how to do it, but if you need in-depth guidance, I have a prevailing rate for how long it will take. It can be anything from setting up a store from scratch - aesthetics or website speed. So send me an email, and I will get back to you fast.

Now, about living in Brazil. Firstly, I am fortunate because my wife deals with all the practical papermill shit here in Brazil. They still love paper here, so expect to show up in person at the official office for anything that has to do with any document. You can forget about sending emails, they will require you to show up in person, and it always takes time. Third, the weather is usually fucking hot and humid unless you live in Brasilia, where it is bone-dry weather. Food and alcohol are cheap, but if you expect European wine, be prepared to pay for it. In restaurants, they usually have some wine, but it is often shitty, so read up before you order unless you are a specialist in Argentinian or Chilean wines. Finally, security is an entirely different ballgame. If you are white, pay attention, or you will get robbed. Period!

Don't go around with the phone in your hands or wear any bling. You will lose it fast. But on the other hand, Brazilians are a lot of fun to hang out with, and they love to cook meat. So you can forget about getting herbs or much chili in your food unless you travel to the north. I love brazil, but it is only for some.

And no, I am not going to Norway this year. I am, however, going to Jamaica. I will return to YouTube soon, but I am also recording an audiobook of The Feeder that will be out later this year. My new book will be available fall later this year. I hope this answers a few of your questions but keep them coming. Cheers guys!

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