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My Inspiration

I always wanted to create stories that would transcend people, and with this first work, I sincerely hope I have accomplished that.  The Feeder is a fictional work that loosely borrows events, names, brands, and places from the real world; however, it is purely meant as entertainment.


The characters in the book, both men and women, are power-hungry creatures, narcissistic, sex crazy, and wild. Essentially it is the start of a family saga that will continue.


There is also extensive use of alcohol, drugs, and more.


Demons and magic are also presented as this story takes the reader worldwide.

I have done my best to draw from my own experiences and remember details from nature and people I have encountered during my travels and used them to enhance the descriptions and information in this work.

The Feeder is written in a clear, sparse style that I have worked hard to create. It is unlike anything I have read myself. I trust that is a good thing.

Creating stuff is what I do!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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